Insight Quanta App for PC/Android

Insight Quanta App for PC/Android

Insight Quanta App for PC/Android

Genius Insight Balancing From Anywhere In The World

In the event, you are traveling and unable to attend an in-person Genius session, contact Your Genius practitioner. Many of our Genius practitioners now offer long-distance remote healing sessions using The Genius Insight App. As an additional option consider downloading The Insight Quanta Capsule to better support your long-distance sessions. In 4 simple steps, you will be on the road to recovery.
Create an Insight Quanta Capsule profile Upload your voice recording (for remote analysis) Your Genius practitioner (Myself) will analyze your unique voice imprint using the Genius Insight App. Your voice imprint will display your energetic weaknesses and provide a customized playlist of energetic frequencies to balance your body. Click below

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