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If you are unable to attend an in-person session, contact me! Clients in the UK, Germany, and New Zealand.


Certified Vibrational Therapist, Reiki Master, Genius BioResonance and Tuning Fork Practitioner

Hello, I'm Terry Harrold, the proud owner of Good Vibrations Sound Therapy. As a dedicated vibrational sound therapist and Reiki Master/Teacher, I hold all three ranks in Reiki, from Shinpiden (beginner level 1) to Shoden (master/teacher). My expertise extends to tuning forks, where I am certified in Phase 1 and Phase 2 Auditory/Aura Work, as well as being certified in Solfeggio Frequencies Body Tuners, Phase 3 DNA/RNA Tuners, and most recently, Level 4 for Brain Wave Tuners.

My journey into vibrational sound therapy began after discovering the transformative power of tuning forks through online resources, particularly YouTube videos. As a USMC veteran dealing with arthritis, my first "grounding" fork proved to be a game-changer for my own well-being. I was compelled to share the positive impact it had on me with family and friends, and their encouragement led me to expand my practice.

Though I don't have a clinic yet, I offer in-person sessions at clients' homes and virtual sessions through Zoom. My commitment to accessibility has allowed me to serve clients both locally and remotely, reaching individuals all around the globe. Recognizing the power of vibrational therapy, I've evolved from simply using tuning forks for pain relief to detecting vibrational disturbances in clients' energy fields.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, I provide clients with a unique experience by capturing a 15-second recording of their voice, a quick snapshot of their face, and written affirmations or specific focuses they'd like me to address. These inputs generate an algorithm that sifts through thousands of frequencies and tones in my playlist, tailoring frequency treatments to the client's individual needs. The beauty of these treatments is their instantaneous impact, bypassing the need for absorption through digestion.

For those interested in booking my services or supporting my efforts, I invite you to contact me through the avenues provided on my Gear Bubble website. Additionally, explore the range of merchandise available for purchase to enhance your own vibrational well-being. Thank you for considering Good Vibrations Sound Therapy. I look forward to the opportunity to bring harmony and healing into your life.

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