Remote Bioscan

If you are unable to attend an in-person session, contact me! Clients in the UK, Germany, and New Zealand.

Spiritual Healing Services

Vibrational Sound Therapy

I am Terry Harrold; I am part of a movement that believes a new energy dimension is breaking through on this planet to awaken humanity to its potential as universal humans! The caterpillar does not go through metamorphosis to emerge as an enlightened caterpillar; becoming a butterfly is not merely a change but a total transformation!

However, we are not at the end of this transformation process; we are at the beginning, where there is a crisis and breakdown. Change your frequency and change your life. I do both online sessions and come to your home if you like.


Sessions are $80, and they run for about 90 minutes. I will bill you for the services, so no up-front payment is needed. And yes, we do accept silver as payment. Just message us for details.

$80.00 90 min

Let's Connect for Vibrational Harmony

Share your inquiries, schedule a session, or explore our energy-healing gifts in the store. Let's embark on this path together—filled with positive vibrations and holistic well-being. Can't wait to connect with you!