Quantum Biofeedback Sessions

Quantum Biofeedback Sessions

Quantum Biofeedback Sessions
for 60 minutes

You may ask, "What is Quantum Biofeedback"? It is a very deep dive into your bio field itself, the real YOU of you, your aura and electromagnetic fields. Some this takes into account Meridians, Chakras, Vagus Nerve, Flower Essence Remedies, Frequencies, Nogiers,Spinal Energy, Hormones and the aligning of all this and much more to balance or Harmony so you can begin to let the body heal itself and feel lighter, look younger and feel great.

This is a subtle process and it works! Now accepting SILVER as Payment option, contact us for details


I offer a FREE No Strings Attached Initial Consultation and a FREE Demo Session. My sessions start at $90 and can run anywhere from a minimum of 40 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on my client's needs. and I do offer a subscription rate at a significant discount. Call for a free consultation... I also offer a Subscription rate for those who would like to continue sessions. For example if you commit to just two sessions the rate drops to just $60 ea session and if you for for four sessions, the rate drops even lower to just $50 a session. So after the demo let's talk about more sessions. Yes, we do accept SILVER as payment, contact us for details.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, and I suggest anyone seek out the help of their health practitioner if needed. But my sessions can be done through a Zoom Call if desired. Call me for a free consultation

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